Welcome to

The Capital Fruits

Every farmer strives to find a
good value to their crops.

Capital Fruits is a supply chain and product distribution firm that has been established in 2015, based on ELsadat city, Egypt.

We specifically chose this location because it provides us with easy access to our market both in terms of demand and supply.

Capital Fruits offer the most suitable supply
chain solutions to individuals and companies.

The Capital Fruits All you have to do is to let us know what you want to be delivered, we’ll work on ensuring active service.

Our Vision

To become one of the strongest exporters in Egypt and we can deliver our products to all global markets.

To raise the bar in terms of professionalism and customer expectations.

To Expand and cover all business aspects to improve our value proposition to our clients

Our Mission

Capital fruits develops a strong network of partners which will help us build a long-term and sustainable business relations.

Applying the global food safety standard to ensure proper and hygienic delivery of the product.

Working on being able to deliver the highest levels of quality, time management and product handling.

Why choose The Capital Fruits ?

Capital Fruits products are the highest quality with premium standards and active delivery structures that will help us meet the needs of our clients.

it have been built and driven by a team of young dynamic team members.

Capital Fruits are in tune with the logistics and supply chain needs of various countries and regions of the world, which help us to effectively deliver our service in all fronts and help optimize customer satisfaction.

Capital Fruits have been able to achieve success and optimize our processes by developing a network high value fruit and vegetable producers across Egypt.

12,563 Organic Products

24 Countries

2345 Friendly Farmers